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OOPS: Object Oriented Programming Languages and Systems

The aim of OOPS is to foster the development of extensions to existing OO languages and platforms, as well as the design and implementation of new languages and platforms embracing and enhancing the object-oriented paradigm. Particularly of interest for OOPS are papers that provide a thorough analysis covering most of the following aspects: theory, design, implementation, applicability, performance evaluation, and comparison/integration with existing constructs and mechanisms.

OOPS series at the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC)

OOPS 2018 (Pau, France)

OOPS 2017 (Marrakech, Morocco)

OOPS 2016 (Pisa, Italy)

OOPS 2015 (Salamanca, Spain)

OOPS 2014 (Gyeongju, Korea)

OOPS 2013 (Coimbra, Portugal)

OOPS 2012 (Riva del Garda, Italia)

OOPS 2011 (Taichung, Taiwan)

OOPS 2010 (Sierre, Switzerland)

OOPS 2009 (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

OOPS 2008 (Fortaleza, Brasil) 

OOPS 2007 (Seoul, Korea)

OOPS 2006 (Dijon, France)

OOPS 2005 (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

OOPS 2004 (Nicosia, Cyprus)

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