Object Oriented Programming Languages and Systems's Paper Summary

List of Accepted Full Papers
TitleCorresponding AuthorAffiliation
Decoupling Classes with Inferred InterfacesSteimann, FriedrichFernuniversitšt in Hagen
The Social Network of Java ClassesPuppin, DiegoUniversity Pisa/ISTI-CNR
powerJava: Ontologically Founded Roles in Object Oriented Programming LanguagesBoella, GuidoDipartimento di Informatica
Escape Analysis for Synchronization RemovalWang, LeiBeihang University
Method Overloading and Overriding Cause Encapsulation Flaw (An experiment on Assembly of Heterogeneous Components) Beugnard, AntoineENST Bretagne
Introducing safe unknown types in Java-like languagesLagorio, GiovanniUniversity of Genova
Union Types for Object-Oriented ProgrammingIgarashi, AtsushiKyoto University
Dynamic Instantiation-Checking ComponentsSridhar, NigamanthCleveland State University
List of Accepted Poster Papers
TitleCorresponding AuthorAffiliation
On Using OO Techniques to establish workflow conformance and merge workflows dynamicallybellur, umeshIIT Bombay