TitleAuthorsEmail contact authorSlides
A Small Extension to Java for Class RefinementM. Nishizawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology
S. Chiba, Tokyo Institute of Technology
muga AT csg.is.titech.ac.jp Slides
Integrating Coercion with Subtyping and Multiple DispatchJ.J. Hallett, Boston University
V. Luchangco, Sun Microsystems
S. Ryu, Sun Microsystems
G. L. Steele Jr., Sun Microsystems
victor.luchangco AT sun.com Slides
Runtime Concepts for the C++ Standard Template LibraryP. Pirkelbauer, Texas A&M University
S. Parent, Adobe Systems, Inc.
M. Marcus, Adobe Systems, Inc.
B. Stroustrup, Texas A&M University
peter.pirkelbauer AT tamu.edu Slides
Lambda Functions for C++0x  (Best paper award)J. Järvi, Texas A&M University
J. Freeman, Texas A&M University
jarvi AT cs.tamu.edu Slides
Pentagons: A Weakly Relational Abstract Domain for the Efficient Validation of Array AccessesF. Logozzo, Microsoft Research
M. Fähndrich, Microsoft Research
logozzo AT microsoft.com Slides