Paper ID Title Authors
OOPS-103 Scheduling Intense Applications Most 'Surprising' First Sean Rooney -- IBM Research Zurich
OOPS-104 Implicit Invocation of Traits Thomas Pawlitzki, Friedrich Steimann -- Fernuniversität in Hagen
OOPS-107 Named and default arguments for polymorphic object-oriented languages Lukas Rytz, Martin Odersky -- École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
OOPS-108 Implementing Software Product Lines using Traits Lorenzo Bettini, Ferruccio Damiani -- Università di Torino
Ina Schaefer -- Chalmers University of Technology
OOPS-110 Design Pattern Implementation in Object Teams (poster) João L. Gomes, Miguel P. Monteiro -- Universidade Nova de Lisboa
OOPS-119 Embedded Contract Languages Manuel Fähndrich, Michael Barnett, Francesco Logozzo -- Microsoft Research
OOPS-120 Generic Flow-Sensitive Optimizing Transformations in C++ with Concepts Xiaolong Tang, Jaakko Järvi -- Texas A&M University